Picture Wild Ponies

Assateague Island has held me in thrall with its rugged beauty and wild mystique.  I’ve spent countless hours roaming beach and marsh in search of the feral ponies. In 2019 I spent two weeks immersed in the annual “Pony Penning” roundup and swim, immortalized in the children’s book, “Misty of Chincoteague.” I took thousands of photographs which became inspiration for “Picture Wild Ponies.” The initial experience is chronicled in my book, which is part documentary, part studio journal.  Some of the paintings are corralled in the “Expressive Equine” calendar.



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“Dune Chase”

“Forest Flight”

“Fluent as the Sea”

“Moment I”

“Moment II”



“Bestride the Hawk”

“Raising Mercury”

“Assateague Farewell

“Tom’s Cove Twilight”

“Picture Book”