“Starry Starry”


It’s almost here!  Jefferson County Vision’s Starry Night Celebration benefit gala at Breaux Vineyards! Even if they weren’t riffing Vincent I’d be totally stoked!  Jefferson County Vision is the nonprofit dedicated to “preserve and protect the quality of life for all residents of Jefferson County West Virginia.”  The gala is benefiting the legal fund, which is in active use in our battle against the Danish Rockwool corporation’s attempt to build a grossly polluting factory next to one of our elementary schools.

I have donated two framed, limited edition prints from my current photographic series to the silent auction. Moving forward, I’ll donate a portion of the proceeds from this series, which was born from the effects of global warming and calls for change.

Come join the fun!  Purchase your tickets at https://www.jeffersoncountyvision.com/starry-night/

click here to explore the series as it evolves http://www.kirstenlee.me/reflections-refractions-relativities/