Think you’ve guessed which images in the Haiku Exhibition are mine? (if you haven’t been to the Firehall gallery or seen the video walkthrough click here.

The organizers requested framed reproductions (Sorry about the inevitable glare!)  I’ll state the original medium next to each title.  In addition to playing with poetry, I wanted to show a sweeping variety of imagery.

“Emergence” Original Acrylic on Canvas, 16×20

Galloping burst from

isolation! Thunder dance

through my joy tossed mane!


“Portals” 30×20  Photo (part of “Icekanse”, a body of work created through a handheld “lens” of water tough ice rather than any digital manipulation.)

hawk dives, worlds converge

air… water… in the tumult

who is fish…who bird?


“Love Song from the Sea” Original 5×7 Oil and cold wax


“Tom’s Cove Twilight” Original 5×7 Oil and cold wax


“Tidepool Trysts” Original 5×7 Oil and cold wax